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It Won’t be Breakfast at Tiffany’s But it Will be an Outpouring of Food for the Timber Framers Builders

By Sue Moore

“This community is so generous,” exclaimed Karen Hammond as she continuously dialed up food contributions for the “lumberjacks” (as she calls them) who will be helping to build the pavilion at the Historic Village from September 12 through the 22nd.

Churches, individuals and local restaurants have all pitched in to provide 60 builders with breakfast, lunch and dinner during their ten-day stay in Vicksburg. The early morning repasts and noon meal and will of necessity be served on site, but the dinners can be anywhere as a change of pace, Hammond said.

“I’ve called the many accomplished bakers I know to contribute and no one has turned me down, so that was a good start. Then the committee members started to query the churches, grocery stores and restaurants and again, no one has turned us down. It’s just so fulfilling to know how much people care about a project that in the end will benefit the whole community,” Hammond enthused.

Members of the Timber Framers Guild who volunteer for training in erecting a joint and tendon pavilion will camp on the site at North Richardson and Spruce streets. They will work all day and be offered copious amounts of coffee during breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep them going. All of this will happen through those in Vicksburg who are donating food and their expertise to prepare it, said Hammond, who is heading up the committee for the Historical Society consisting of Margaret Kerchief, Bob Smith, Tonya Nash, Lupe Smith and Sue Moore.

“The logistics of feeding and caring for our visitors is a challenge but the willingness to help has been heartwarming,” Kerchief said. “We are trying very hard to keep our costs down so the money donated to build the pavilion can go to the actual structure. Having the Timber Framers Guild help us build it in the old-fashioned method will save us money and give us a finished product that will serve the area for years to come,” she said.

To cap off the entire ten days of building, an invitation to the entire community is being extended for a “barn raising” potluck dinner on Saturday, September 21 to celebrate the frame being built and thank those who have helped over the ten days. The Village of Vicksburg, which will own the structure once it is complete, plans a pig roast for the last day of construction to accompany the potluck dinner.

The participating church groups include Lakeland Reformed, Chapman Nazarene, St. Martin’s, Vicksburg Bible Church and the United Methodist ladies. Restaurants which have volunteered food and cooking expertise include Apple Knockers, Rise ‘n Dine, Erbelli’s, etc. Individuals who have come forth to plan potluck dinners include Evie Hall, Nancy MacKenzie and Carol Meyer-Niedzwiecki.

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