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Saluting Eagle Scout Andy Willhite and Troop 253

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The South County Community Gardening Network (SCCGN) wants to recognize and thank soon-to-be Eagle Scout Andy Willhite according to Danna Downing one of the founders of the SCCGN. “We wish to recognize his family, friends and troop mates for the work they did this spring to add raised growing beds to both the Heritage and Pantry community gardens here in Vicksburg,” she continued.

Andy is a member of Troop 253. He and other aspiring Eagle Scouts from Troop 253 were recently honored by the network at South County Community Services (SCCS) for their efforts to help the network grow and the gardeners involved to grow more fresh veggies and flowers.

The raised beds allow gardeners to “rise above” poor soil conditions by bringing in good growing material. Raised beds are also easier for a gardener’s back and legs since they are much easier to reach and maintain. The produce and flowers that come from these gardens make their way to the Farmers’ Market, the network’s roadside veggie stand, the SCCS’ food pantry, and the commodity delivery system supported by the METRO Community Service Van drivers. This healthy arrangement grows Eagle Scouts, community health, and community partnerships. For this the gardeners in the network are deeply appreciative, Downing said.

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