Schoolcraft Homecoming

By Morgan Macfarlane

Kari Feddema and Kyle Santman are homecoming king and queen.
Kari Feddema and Kyle Santman are homecoming king and queen.

Schoolcraft High School’s homecoming started with dress-up days and banner making, all which led up to the pep rally, homecoming football game and homecoming dance on Friday, Sept. 27.

Schoolcraft’s varsity football team defeated Hackett Catholic Central with the final score 49-27.

The pep rally took place during the school day on Friday on the football field. The class representatives were introduced, and the class banners were reveled for the first time.

Two representatives, a boy and a girl are chosen from the freshman, sophomore, and junior class. Six senior representatives are chosen, three boys, and three girls. This year’s representatives for the freshman class were Morgan Warner and Jason Feddema. Jayci Suseland and Ian Anspaugh were the sophomore class representatives. Sydney Fink and Josh Zemek represented the junior class. The senior class representatives were, Jack Bensley, Savannah Small, Phil Pelton, Camille Giacobone, Kyle Santman, and Kari Feddema.

The different grades also participated in the banner contest. The theme was reality TV. In the banners, students need to show their representatives, all the fall sports, plus band and choir. Freshman choose American Ninja Warrior as there theme, they came in forth place. LA Ink was the sophomore class’s theme, they came in second. The junior class chose The Voice as their theme, they came in first place. The seniors came in third place, with their theme Duck Dynasty.

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