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Students Have Fun at Common Bond Extreme Kick-Off Party

By: Morgan Macfarlane

Students gathered for the annual Common Bond Extreme Kick-Off Party. Common Bond members played laser tag, rode a mechanical bull, and ate pizza and snacks.

Common Bond is an extracurricular club at Schoolcraft High School that pairs mentor students with challenged students. Common Bond works to create a variety of events for students, said Amy Green, Schoolcraft high school teacher.

“Common Bond is a win-win for the students because it gives challenged kids an opportunity to be involved with their peers in a school club and to meet peers to identify with.  Also, mentors get to reach out and make a difference and see that these friends have the same interests as they do – thus the reason all of us to truly have a Common Bond,” said Green.

Students such as Annie Sampley and Josh Worden had a great time! Sampley loves how in Common Bond there are so many opportunities to make new friends. Worden likes all the cool events he gets to participate in through Common Bond!

Green said, “I love Common Bond because over the years, I’ve seen some amazing relationships develop and it’s been very powerful.”

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