Schoolcraft Superintendent Dr. Rusty Stitt and Board of Education Given the Winner’s Circle Award

By Morgan Macfarlane

005Nearly two years ago The Eagles Nest, home to many of Schoolcraft’s non-profits, came together under the guidance and leadership of Schoolcraft Schools Superintendent Dr. Rusty Stitt, as well as the Schoolcraft Board of Education. Together they were recently recognized for their efforts when they won the Winner’s Circle Award given by the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA).

“The goal of the Winners’ Circle is to give recognition to members whose leadership has launched or adapted an effective program or practice, that achieves results, and that could be replicated in other districts,” according to MASA.

“The Eagles Nest board members filled out an application for this award representing Dr. Stitt and the Board of Education. This award was a chance to recognize them for providing a place to house non-profits,” said an Eagles Nest staff member.

“I am honored that we (the Board of Education, school staff, and all the non-profit organizations in the Eagles’ Nest) collectively have been recognized by MASA for partnering together to serve the students and community members of Schoolcraft.  I do view this as a model program that could and should be replicated in other communities,” said Stitt.

Originally Stitt’s office was located in the administration building which is now the Eagle’s Nest. Stitt said that when he learned that administrative assistance was needed in the office, he started thinking about moving to one of the schools to help out.

“About that same time we met at the Village Hall with all the non-profit organizations.  At that meeting each non-profit shared the service they provide and any needs that they have. We already housed a couple non-profits in an unused elementary classroom.  The food pantry needed a place as well.  We discussed how the non-profits could use the same volunteers and also get help from many of our student organizations.  Again, the non-profits help our students, families, and community members.  It makes good sense to help them if we can, by providing housing for their important programs,” said Stitt.

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