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Hill’s Pharmacy Sells Gifts for Valentine’s Day

By Sue Moore

Co-owner Didik Soekarmeon displays candy, cards, and cutsies available at his store for Valentine’s Day.

Cards, candy, candles and cutsies.  It’s the four C’s for Valentine’s Day, says Didik Soekarmoen, co-owner of Hill’s Pharmacy and Gift Store in Vicksburg.

The cutsies are for grownups as a last minute add-on to a Valentine gift, says Soekarmoen.  Guys usually think about a gift about two days ahead of time at the most, or more likely ten minutes before they get home at the end of the day.  Women think about it weeks ahead of time.  Cutsies for men are the extra expression of something to give that special lady in their life, he contends.

Chocolate and a card are the standard, with cutsies offering that special touch.  Jewelry would be the next choice and Hill’s has a nice selection in the display cases.  While Kelly Soekarmoen, the pharmacist in the back of the shop, believes that the best gift for anyone would be a flu shot.

Hill’s specializes in gift cards for all seasons and their stock of candy and cutsies will be zipping off the shelves hours or minutes before they close on Friday, February 14, 2014.

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