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Schoolcraft Soccer Club Proposal Moves to Schoolcraft Board of Education

By Morgan Macfarlane

For a couple of years there have been several attempts to create a soccer club at Schoolcraft Schools. Currently Lorrie Freer and Scott Fitzsimmons have been hard at work writing a proposal and are in the last stages of asking the School Board to create a soccer club.

Lorrie Freer, one of the proponents said, “When you feel strongly about something you can either do nothing or see what it’s going to take to make it happen. So I put together a small presentation and took it to the board meeting with some soccer supporters including Scott Fitzsimmons in October 2013. After some discussion Superintendent Rusty Stitt said ‘let’s set up a meeting’.”

Currently, both Freer and Fitzsimmons have sons in ninth grade at Schoolcraft High School who play soccer.

Freer and Fitzsimmons have met with Schoolcraft Athletic Director Doug Flynn and Superintendent Stitt. Together they learned that a proposal had to be written to create a soccer club. Since then Freer and Fitzsimmons have worked on and finished a proposal.

“For us it’s all about the kids and what they want. In order to see if there was an interest, Debbie Gillaspie and I went into the high school and middle school.  We asked the kids to sign up. The numbers were good enough for a boys and girls team at the high school level,” said Freer.

“We are looking forward to the board of education meeting on February, 10at 7 p.m. at the elementary school, as we hope our soccer club proposal will pass,” Freer said.

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