Pet Emporium & Textiles Hosts Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Canines

Photo by Kim Marston.

By Fionna Ruple

Hi! My name is Fionna and I am a dog.

After this long hard winter, I am looking forward to the Second Annual Doggie Easter Egg Hunt at Pet Emporium & Textiles, 103 W. Prairie St., in downtown Vicksburg. If you were there last year, you already know how much fun it is with those yummy treats they have inside the eggs and as prizes.

But for the dogs that have not been there before, let me give you the scoop on how delightful it is. You are actually allowed to go inside a store run by people. You see, every year, Pet Emporium & Textiles sets up the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt in their side yard as well as inside the store. That way if you prefer to hunt inside, you can do so. And if you prefer to hunt outside, you can do so as well.

As you exit the car, you will not be able to resist the sweet, sweet smell of bacon jerky, Charlee Bears, and other delicious dog treats made in the USA. This is what they put inside the eggs.

With the help of your parents, you are then allowed to find as many Easter eggs as you can and eat the treats inside. If that isn’t enough, every participating dog gets a special Easter prize from the store and the entire event is FREE!

This year, Pet Emporium & Textiles will be hosting the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, April 18, from Noon to 5 p.m. as well as Saturday, April 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Again, the entire thing is FREE and open to the public.

You do have to make sure that your parents put you on a leash. The store’s phone number is 269-993-2764 just in case you or your parents have any questions. I know I can’t wait! How about you? I hope to see you there!

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