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Community Pavilion Dedication Ceremony Set for May 31

Vicksburg’s new Community Pavilion will be dedicated on Saturday, May 31, at 11 a.m.

The whole community is invited to attend the program being organized by the Vicksburg Historical Society (VHS).

“It won’t be a long winded affair and there will be cookies and lemonade following the speakers,” said Karen Hammond, vice-president of the VHS.

The event will serve to honor the 722 donors of money, hard work, and food, according to Kristina Powers Aubry, who coordinated and recorded the donations along with Hammond.

“There were so many people who donated that we couldn’t afford to send out all 722 invites, as we just squeezed out enough funds to actually make the last payment on the finishing work,” Hammond said. “Please consider this event as a thank you to all the help we received over the past two and a half years of the building project. Come join us to bask in the beauty of a building that will be truly a community pavilion.”

The dedication coincides with the Victorian Garden Club’s annual plant sale from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. They will be located at the north end of the pavilion.

The Club helps keep the grounds of the Historic Village planted and weeded during the summer. They also sell off shoots of the plants they cull from their own gardens about the area.

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