Pre-school Children Get Bike Safety Lesson

Charli Clark learned to ride with a bike helmet on from an early age, since her father insists on bike safety. Behind her is her brother Bowie, along with one of the CMS team riders.

The CMS Bike Racing Team recently presented bicycle helmets to 35 preschoolers at the Heart & Hands Preschool in the Vicksburg United Methodist Church.

With two children, ages 5 and 3 enrolled in the preschool, Jamie Clark, member of a CMS bike racing team, saw the need to teach the fledgling bike riders the best safety practices.

So, his company, CMS in Three Rivers, purchased helmets for each student, and the bike team brought them to Vicksburg and fitted them properly to each child.

“I have a passion for bike safety and want to teach children that bike riding is fun,” Clark said. “It’s a little hard to talk to three and four year olds about safety.”

Still, Clark said his children will point out people they see riding on the street without a helmet and say, “Look, daddy, they are naughty.”

Six members of Clark’s team were at the preschool for the training, while usually there are about 40 on the team which is also sponsored by Stryker Corporation. The CMS team races all over Michigan and sometimes Indiana.

Clark and his wife and children moved to Vicksburg in 2012 and enrolled their children in Heart n Hands, co-op nursery school.

CMS is a logistics company that specializes in transportation, warehousing, shipping, semi-trailer and storage container rental and leasing.

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