Take a Girl Fishing!


By Jim Hamrick

Would you like to improve your fishing success? Could you use more time on the water without conflict with your spouse or significant other? Do you have a daughter who would like to build a special relationship with her dad? If the answers   are yes, then take a girl fishing, a surefire way to improve your fishing success while also giving you more time to fish without relationship conflicts.

While men may be reluctant to include an interested girl in their sport because of their fragile egos or impatience, they will find that fishing with girls is a plus in most situations. When girls are on the boat, the catch goes up, trophies happen, and success leads to fun for all.

If you have a girl in your life who shows interest in fishing, encourage her to go with you. Then, do some pre-training. Teach her to cast in the yard before the trip and show her the presentations you are going to use before you go. If she has an aversion to live bait, use plastic or freeze dried. Be patient, and make it fun!

Make the trip about her. Wait for good weather and pick a species that should be easy to catch. Leave at a reasonable hour, stopping for breakfast along the way.

Most fish are caught between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. A late afternoon trip might be better as there is nothing more romantic than a sunset on the water.

Praise her success and if she catches a trophy, praise her in front of others and take a special picture of her with her catch.

Taking a girl fishing may result in many unexpected benefits. First, it makes you a better fisherman. Next, you will improve your relationship.

If you are married and your wife becomes a frequent partner, she will encourage you to fish more often and she will understand why you need more tackle. This means a better fishing budget.

Girls, if he takes you fishing, be patient with him. Ask questions and rejoice at any success. If the trip becomes unbearable, let him know.

Men have many cherished fishing memories and they hope you can create your own. There is nothing better than being on the water with the person you like the best!

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