Two Longtime Employees of VMS Retire

Bev Hoffman, Vicksburg Middle School (VMS) secretary (on the left) and Gwyn Evans, Middle School physical education teacher, retired at the end of the school year.

Evans has been teaching in the Vicksburg school system for 37 years. “I will miss the relationships I have with the students and staff.  I still get excited to come to work every day because I know I work with people who care about each other and about the students they work with.  I still enjoy being in the gymnasium and sharing what I have learned with my students.  I love watching them blossom into young adults and catching glimpses of the adults they will become.”

Hoffman has served in many office capacities for over 20 years, said, “I love my job and all the people that I work with every day.  I feel it keeps me young just working with middle school students.    I love watching how the students evolve from little sixth graders into big people with a voice to be heard, to how the eighth graders know the staff and love to carry on conversations with them. The relationships that I have with my second family here at VMS will be the ONE big thing that I will miss the most. “If I ever get lonely or bored, I will walk to the Middle School and get my “fix”!”

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