Vicksburg School Board Moves Forward to Sell Bonds

By Sue Moore

With the passage of the recent school bond issue in the May 6 election, the school board took action at its recent board meeting to start the process of selling the bonds.

The first step is to get the bond rating updated and the board to pass a resolution authorizing the bond issue, said Steve Goss, assistant superintendent, noting that it will be important to close the sale by June 30.

The bond market is favorable right now, he said, but it could change day by day because there is a lot of volatility in the market.

He is working with the architect and Frederick Construction to prioritize projects to see can be done this summer.

On June 9, the board will conduct a public hearing on the budget and levy summer taxes.

In other discussion, Superintendent Charles Glaes responded to a question from the audience about the W-A-Y program which serves as an alternative high school for area students.

Glaes said there was a waiting list for students to get into the program because they capped admission at 120 full time equivalents (FTE). The Vicksburg W-A-Y model gives support to the students with lab work and face time to keep them working toward their diploma. The goal is 112 FTE’s for next year.

Glaes praised Steve Fryling for the wonderful job he has done in building the program.

A policy for first reading that affects the W-A-Y graduates was discussed with a request to have Fryling appear at the next board meeting to explain the policy. The policy relates to reduced graduation requirements for certain students who have been unable to pick up all the electives they need to graduate. The age limit is the major impediment and the reason for the proposed policy change.

Board member Rudy Callen, in particular, said he didn’t want to cheapen or minimize the graduation requirements of 24 credits. The students would not receive a regular diploma but at least they would have accomplished something, Superintendent Glaes explained.

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