Vicksburg Student Sets School Attendance Record


By Sue Moore

Powered by a big dish of oatmeal every morning, Quintin Haring has set a record of never missing a day of school when he accepted his Vicksburg High School diploma on Sunday, June 1.

Through all kinds of weather and not many illnesses, he has been marked present for 2,294 consecutive days in a row since he began kindergarten, and even before that in pre-school.

“It just kind of happened,” Haring said. “I only got sick a few times and that was on weekends. I guess I was just lucky. I had temptations, but fought through them, once it began to be noticed in third or fourth grade. There was even a news story written about me in the Commercial-Express when I was in fifth grade that claimed this was a rare fete, even at that age.”

Helping him set the record is the fact that he likes school.

“It’s more fun than sitting at home doing nothing,” he said. “My friends are here and my grades are pretty good, too.”

Unlike many teens, he doesn’t mind getting up early for school, but he does have trouble going to sleep sometimes, he said.

Haring has a twin sister, Kyler, who he says misses an average number of school days.

“Quintin is just a kid who likes school and his teachers,” said his mother, Diana Haring, who teaches third grade math at Indian Lake Elementary School.

Administrators in the school system don’t recall any student who has come close to setting this kind of record. In recognition of his achievement, he received an ovation from the audience attending the Senior Honors Night in May.

His future plans include attending Grand Valley State University to major in physical therapy.

“I hurt my wrist my senior year in tennis and had to go to physical therapy to build and help heal the muscle tissue,” he said. “I also had to recover from a thumb injury during lacrosse.”

Those experiences led him to develop an interest in physical therapy as a career, he said.

“My physical therapist inspired me to want to help others recover and overcome their injuries,” he said. “It’s just a cool skill set so I’m eager to give it a try.”

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