Dessert Diva

Snickers Cupcakes

By Linda Hoard

The real dessert diva is none other than Ronda Schabes, the woman whose incredible baking skills brought Catherine Cassidy, the editor-in-chief of the Taste of Home magazine and Tony Gilio, the vice president of Books are Fun to Vicksburg to surprise her with the grand prize in their national contest.

Her husband Matt, her three daughters, her mother and all the children, teachers and principal from Sunset Lake Elementary were on hand to witness the surprise on Schabes’ face when she discovered she was the winner during the school’s weekly Spirit Assembly. Schabes received $20,000 as her part of the prize and Sunset Lake, where Shabes works part-time as an office aide, also received $20,000

She won the prize with her peanut butter cup and chocolate cupcakes, which feature peanut butter cups, chocolate ganache frosting and a whipped peanut butter topping. She started baking cakes 18 years ago when her first daughter was born, and her passion became her business. She takes orders for all kinds of cakes, including gluten free.

If you have a special event coming up, or even if you don’t, but just have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to call Schabes and taste for yourself her delicious desserts. She can be reached at 269-475-5238.

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