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Pontoon Boats – The Ultimate Fishing Platform for Family Fun

pontoonBy Jim Hamrick

With Michigan’s many lakes offering water activities for the entire family, a pontoon boat is the perfect option for enjoying time on the water. It provides the most economical and versatile option in the boating world. Choose any boating activity and a pontoon is a good choice.

Most other types of boats are specialized for one or two activities. Ski boats are fast and sleek, but hard to fish from. Runabout boats provide a good choice for skiing, tubing, and wake boarding but seating is limited and onboard movement is restricted. Bass boats are terrific fishing platforms, but other activities face obstacles.

Pontoons, on the other hand, make a versatile and economical choice for being on the water as a family. Pontoons range in size from 14-30 feet. When properly powered, the boat is perfect for all activities including skiing, tubing, and wake boarding.

Cruising, picnicking, swimming and especially fishing can be enjoyed by the whole group at once. Pontoons are a much better value than most boats, while requiring less care and maintenance.

Bernard Potts went fishing with his grandson Jacob recently on their pontoon boat. Jacob reeled in this bass to grab a hold on first place in the Big Bass division at D and R Sports in Kalamazoo.

Spending time on the water with kids means someone will want to fish. A pontoon with a fishing floor plan is the best option, with an 18 foot model powered to meet your other activities, being the best recommendation. Most manufacturers offer floor plans to make fishing possible for more people than any other boat while offering comfort and other activities to non-fishermen onboard.

If your primary activity is family fishing, a pontoon outfitted with an electric trolling motor, electric anchor system, and fish locator makes the pontoon as efficient as any boat on the water. All types of fishing are possible. Trolling, drifting or anchored, the pontoon will meet your needs. Other options for pontoon fishing are rod holders, live well, and a long handled landing net. Up to six people can fish comfortably on an 18 foot pontoon.

A pontoon is the best option when you’re fishing with kids because it provides a safe environment and mobility. Most pontoons have enclosed decks that prevent kids going overboard.

Fishing from a pontoon puts the fishermen higher above the water than any other style boat so the kids can see more and they stay involved longer. Fishing from a pontoon platform also leads to fishing success. More pontoons appear on the lakes each year because people are catching fish in comfort.

Senior fishermen should also take a close look at pontoon fishing since age can be a limiting factor for fishing. Most boats, including small tipsy aluminum boats, can be hard to enter and exit, and mobility is limited when you’re trying to land fish or anchor. But pontoons are normally level with the dock so boarding is worry free. Mobility is unrestricted on the pontoon deck. The new smaller pontoons can extend your fishing for many years.

If you have never been a boat owner, stop by a dealer such as D and R Sports Center in Kalamazoo, and check out all the different models to see if one could be right for you.

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