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Vicksburg Artist Enters ArtPrize

tonyaPTonya Nielsen, a mixed media artist from Vicksburg, has entered ArtPrize with a 3-D sculpture entitled, “Now,” which features over 1100 clocks.

The three wooden block letters, forming the word NOW, will be 12′ high and encased in clocks. She has gathered the clocks over the past 40 months and will continue to gather them until September 24 when the sculpture has to be completed.

The clocks are of all sorts, shapes, and size, including a valued pocket watch, a 1940s alarm clock, an oak mantel timepiece, and an inexpensive “Hello Kitty” plastic wall clock. The number of clocks and size of the sculpture are meant to be imposing, she said. Its purpose is to create questions and stir wonder in the hearts of the viewers.

Nielsen launched her art business in 2004, specializing in textured paintings and multi-media pieces. Each piece is unique. A stay at home mom, she creates art for the joy it brings to herself and others, she said.

She likes how art connects people and asks questions. She also enjoys the entire process of intentionally bringing together simple materials in hopes of forming something beautiful.

You can see her sculpture between September 24 and October 12 in downtown Grand Rapids. ArtPrize is free and open to the public.

Tonya Nielsen, Vicksburg artist.

Monetary awards totaling $400,000 will be awarded to artists based on public voting and juried voting. Half the prize money of $400,000 will be awarded to the artist chosen by a people’s vote and the other $200,000 to the one chosen by the jurors. Another $160,000 will be awarded in four different categories, again based on public voting and juried voting.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend ArtPrize each year. Nielsen hopes her friends and family from Vicksburg will be among those at ArtPrize this year voting for her sculpture.

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