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Six-Year-Old Finds Five Leaf Clover

Gabriella Yost holds her five-leaf clover and points to the place in her family’s yard where she found it.

By Sue Moore

What are the chances of finding a five-leaf clover? One in 10,000, possibly, according to betting odds listed on the Internet. It’s even greater odds that a six-year-old will find the rare species.

But Gabriella Yost was that one in 10,000 who found one in her back yard on East TU Avenue in Vicksburg.

It’s understandable she would be looking for the clover mutation, because her father, uncle, and grandfather, have all specialized in grass growing at some point in their lives. Her uncle, Ben Yost owns Farm & Garden in Kalamazoo, having purchased it from his father some years ago. Her dad, Brian Yost, grew up in the business, working off and on over the years with his brother, but now employed at Stryker Instruments on Sprinkle Road.

“You have to get right down close the ground,” said Gabriella, as she points to where she found the clover.

Her grandmother, Bonnie Yost, had been challenging Gabriella and her sister, Alexis, to look for four-leaf clovers. Gabriella had found some four-leaf clovers on the playground at Tobey where she just graduated from kindergarten, so she was already in practice, she said.

“This one had a weird fold and wasn’t really out yet,” said Brian, holding the preserved clover in his hand.

Five-leaf and other multiple leaf clovers are random mutations, affected by weather and growing conditions, he said.

The record books say that finding a four leaf clover will bring you good luck and some money. A five-leaf clover means lots more good luck, and possibly a fortune. clovers are random mutations and affected by weather and growing conditions.

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