Every Stride Dressage

easy strideBy Nathan M. Czochara

Anyone who drives down South 29th Street in Vicksburg will notice vast spans of farmland and residences. Little do they know that in that same area stands one of the highest quality horse training facilities in southwest Michigan, Every Stride Dressage.

Trainer and instructor Erin McElmurry acquired the former farmland from Larry and Bonnie Burr, setting up shop in 2012. As noted on the facility’s Web site, Every Stride is a 33-acre facility with an indoor training arena, regulation-size outdoor dressage arena, and stables complete with indoor wash bay.

Originated in Europe, Dressage riding is considered one of the most technical and most difficult styles to master in equestrian sport. Riders control their horses to perform and maintain difficult stances and strides, which many commonly dub the “Horse Ballet.”

Every Stride Dressage provides training for horses and riders alike, from introductory to professional levels, in the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), or International Federation of Equestrian sport. Riding lessons range from $40 to $55, depending on the duration and level of teaching. Every Stride Dressage strives to “achieve all your goals while giving your horse the highest quality care it deserves.” 

Erin has been involved in the art of dressage since age 7. Her knowledge and experience in dressage match the quality of her facility. In 1996, at the top of her class, Erin graduated from Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre in dressage. Traveling all over the world, she shares her skills with top competitors such as Olympic rider Michelle Gibson. As a competitor, Erin has enjoyed much success in the sport, including 2007 USDF Silver Medalist and 2009 FEI Intermediate 1 Grand Champion for the Waterloo Show series.

Besides training and instruction, Every Stride Dressage provides Pulse Electric Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for horses. The technique is used for both animals and people to alleviate the pain and complications of orthopedic injuries.

In October, Every Stride Dressage will sponsor a clinic with esteemed dressage rider, Alison Sader. Anyone interested in learning more about the upcoming clinic, the facility, and its services, can find helpful information at everystridedressage.com.

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