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Builder Expresses His Appreciation for Library Director

Bob Crissman, on the right, is seen here with Bobbi Truesdell.

Over the years, Bobbi Truesdell’s style and influence has been greatly appreciated by the community she has served as Library Director. Bob Crissman expressed this feeling very well in a letter he wrote to the Schoolcraft library board on April 25, 2012, when the library expansion project was completed. Following are excerpts from that letter:

“I had attended the Battle of the Books when my granddaughter Maddy was involved and I was really impressed with the program. I knew who Bobbie Truesdell was but the Battle of the Books really led me to think that I should get involved [with the building project]. I have always been willing to share what talents I have with others, and this seemed like it would be a great way to give back to the community.

What I didn’t realize at the time was what an incredibly wonderful experience this was going to turn out to be. We started planning the project because there was a need for more space and we traveled a journey that led us to so many great experiences. When the library board, after much thought and deliberation, approved the expansion, I knew that the remaining funds would be acquired. I discovered, while working with Truesdell during the planning, that she had so many attributes that would make this a successful project. She was passionate about the library and the expansion. She was extremely competent. She had the ability to multi-task constantly during the project. She always saw the big picture and brought together a team that accomplished our goal of producing the best product at the best possible price. She had an incredible ability to involve people and make them feel real ownership in the project.

The project allowed us to bring a community together and with all of the many volunteers and donations, complete the expansion and remodel that will serve the patrons for years to come. The pieces of the puzzle fit together so well. It starts with a very capable library board, a great director, a solid design team, a project manager with the time and contacts, a group of competent local contractors, the many volunteers, the willingness of people and foundations to donate funds and a community that embraced the project. Remover any of the above and we can’t complete the project.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile endeavor and for the many wonderful experiences that became a part of the project. It was great to work with so many former students, both as contractors and as volunteers. I have always said that when you volunteer you receive far more than you give.”

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