Emmy Award Goes to Local Residents’ Son

Art O’Leary III, Art O’Leary IV, and Pat Wilson O’Leary after he received his Emmy award.

Art Patrick O’Leary IV, was honored with an Emmy award for outstanding picture editing for reality programming at the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony in August. The award was for editing the 2014 premier show of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, entitled, “Careful What You Wish For”. He is the son of Art and Pat Wilson O’Leary of Portage.

O’Leary obtained a BS in computer science, specializing in digital cinema, after graduating from Portage Central High School in 2003. He headed to Los Angeles in 2007 where he took up freelance editing for places such as Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Planet Grade, and Triage Entertainment. The Emmy work was performed at Original Productions, a Fremantle Company located in Burbank, CA.

Art’s mother Pat was employed as an Instructional Specialist with Vicksburg Community Schools for ten years and currently serves on the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation board of directors. His dad, Art O’Leary, is a retired probation officer for Kalamazoo County and served on the Vicksburg Historical Society’s board of directors as secretary for two years. The proud parents attended the Creative Arts portion of the ceremonies, held at the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles in August. The actual edited version of the ceremony was aired on Sunday, August 24, on Fox Movie Channel.

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