New Sewer Line Installed

sewer open
Kim Furney and Ethel Markan were given the honor of turning on the new forced main sewer line that was installed this summer by Balkema construction on V Avenue and Boulevard. Standing behind them with helpful advice is Bill Adams, village president, Mike Swartz of Prein and Newhof the engineering firm that designed the system and Bill Hunt, Kim’s father. They all live in the Hughey subdivision and have suffered through a winter of sewage backup in the Furney and Markan families basements. The bid for the work was $144,000 but the final payout came to $131,000, thus $13,000 under budget for the village. The money for improvements came from part of a bond issue that the village negotiated to help refinance and improve the debt that the state of Michigan had been concerned about. This whole forced main sewer line was upgraded with bigger, more efficient pumps, to take care of the effluent coming from the Allen Edwin additions on 22nd Street.

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