Schoolcraft Rocket Training Program

sch rocketBy Sue Moore

Rocket football in Schoolcraft has also joined the USA Heads Up football program according to Kurt Phelps, head junior varsity coach and Vicksburg schools weightlifting and strength and conditioning teachers.

“The old way doesn’t work anymore. We need to adapt at all grade levels of the game,” Phelps told parents who had gathered for a required seminar on safety, in order to participate in the Heads Up program. “Tackling is done with the shoulders. We have moved away from the head to head contact. Blocking is in the strike zone from the chest/shoulders to the knees. With these drills we break it down to the proper techniques. All of our coaches are certified, as of today,” Phelps said with a degree of pride.

“Playing football the old way could cause a penalty now, Phelps explained. “There is nowhere else a kid can learn the lessons playing football that will stick with him for life. The benefits far outweigh the risks. The idea of brain damage is misunderstood. We are more aware of concussions now and how to treat them. You will heal, given proper time and that’s how we want to prepare the coaches, the athletes, and the parents.”

2014 Schoolcraft Rocket Schedule
September 6th: Centreville (Away)
September 13th: Athens (Home)
September 20th: Sturgis (Home)
September 27th: Constantine (Away)
October 4th: White Pigeon (Home)
October 11: Sturgis (Away)
October 18: Mendon (Home-Night game)
Upper Division plays at 10 a.m.
Lower Division plays at 11:15 a.m.
Home games are played at the Schoolcraft High School Football field.

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