South County News Features Local Candidates

By Sue Moore

2014 is an election year with the main ones being the race for governor and senate. The South County News has prepared statements from the many candidates running for local offices and three campaigns for state house seats.

These contests typically do not get much attention from the media, but they actually directly impact the daily lives of those who live and work in the south county area.

The November 4 ballot is rather lengthy and voter turnout is critical in local races, such as Schoolcraft School Board, and the state senate ballot where a lot of money is coming in from outside the district. The senate race pits Margaret O’Brien, originally from Fulton, with a Kalamazoo City resident, both of whom are state representatives now. O’Brien has worked tirelessly for Vicksburg through some of its roughest days when the village needed the state to back off and take a more collegial view of its debt restructuring.

The newspaper has offered all of the candidates for village council posts, school board, county commission, state representative, and state senate a chance to state their qualifications in 100 words or less and submit a photo of themselves so voters might recognize them as they campaign door to door in the waning weeks of the campaign.

State Senate

State House of Representatives

Kalamazoo County Commission

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