Vicksburg Resident Celebrates 100 Years

100 yr oldMarie Kavlock celebrated her 100 birthday on Tuesday, September 23, at a luncheon with her son and daughter-in-law, Larry and Karen Kavlock. The family hosted a gathering in her honor at the Main Street Pub the following Saturday.

Marie grew up in Cicero and LaGrange, Illinois. She and her husband moved to the Vicksburg area in 1976 because her husband’s brother, Charlie Kavlock, lived here along with many other extended family members.

“I didn’t like living in the city. It was the outdoors that I enjoyed,” said Larry, who is her only son. “We were good friends of the Senkowski and Carpenter families, all of us living near Bloody Run on Portage Lake.”

Marie was good a making synthetic flower arrangements and loved to dance in the Big Band era, he said.

“She saw Lawrence Welk and Red Skelton perform in Chicago before they became famous,” he said. “She is quite homebound now and gets around with a walker.”

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