Be Bold, Be Bald!

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Sue Dornbos and Karen Ray sit in front of the rest of the Family Doctors staff with “Be Bold, Be Bald” caps on in their quest to battle cancer.

In March, 2014, Karen Ray learned that her 25 year old son, Corey, had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She quickly learned everything she could about that disease.

Through her contact with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, she learned about an organization called “Be Bold, Be Bald!” This nonprofit organization challenges everyone to go bald for a day to honor those with cancer and raise money to donate to cancer treatment and research organizations.

Karen thought it would be great if her fellow workers at Family Doctors of Vicksburg (FDV) would wear bald skull caps in honor of those with cancer and raise some money for the West Michigan Cancer Center (WMCC) on National Be Bold, Be Bald Day, October 17.

Sue Dornbos, RN, nursing supervisor at FDV, like Corey, had been diagnosed with cancer and treated at the WMCC. Unlike Corey, she had lost all her hair during chemotherapy. After a difficult 2013, Sue’s hair has regrown and she is back at work. On October 17, 2014, Karen learned that Corey’s recent scans were normal. He was cancer free.

In celebration of Corey and Sue, in honor of many of others we each know with cancer, and in recognition that true strength and beauty are on the inside, bald skull caps were worn by employees of FDV on October 17, 2014. Over $450 was raised for the WMCC.

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