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DDA Takes Steps to Form an Arts Council in Vicksburg

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Kathleen Hoyle leads a discussion of the people assembled to determine if an Arts Council for the village of Vicksburg would be feasible. From left to right: Lori Barnes, Linda Brenton, and Ruthie Dorrance.

By Sue Moore

What attracts artists to a community? This question was posed by Kathleen Hoyle, Downtown Development Director (DDA), at the inaugural meeting she organized for those interested in forming an Arts Council in the village of Vicksburg.

Six people sat around a small table in the Community Center with ideas popping every which way in December. It boiled down to some of the following concepts:

Leeanne Seaver, who was one of those in attendance, coined the phrase “The Art of Living” as the marketing or branding approach that she recommended to further the arts in Vicksburg. All agreed to meet again on January 15 at 6 p.m. at the Community Center, and invite any others who would be interested, according to Hoyle.

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