Vicksburg Community School Students to Take Part in National Reading Celebration

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Jenna Grabowski and David Rutt concentrate on their reading in Paula Branch’s 7th grade English class. Over 3 million pages were read by students participating coast to coast.

Students at Vicksburg Middle School, Indian Lake Elementary, Sunset Lake Elementary and Tobey Elementary took part in a nationwide effort to “Read the Most Coast to Coast” on Friday, February 27. They are among hundreds of thousands of students who joined in this fourth annual reading celebration.

Read the Most Coast to Coast celebrates reading with a one-day event that encourages students to read as much as they can. Last school year, students set a new one-day record of 4,987,949 books read. Students will also complete Accelerated Reader Quizzes on the books they read.

At Vicksburg Community Schools, 1,700 students took part in this shared effort to read the most and be a part of something much bigger than a school district. “Read the Most Coast to Coast is a fun-filled event that enables students at multiple grade levels to join in a shared reading challenge,” said Stephanie Mallery, VMS Instructional Consultant. “Students are engaging in valuable reading practice, all while taking part in an event that joins students across the country in a collaborative effort focused on reading. We’re so proud of our students!”

Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader is a K-12 program that serves as a platform for teachers to manage independent reading practice. Students read books at the appropriate level and then take a quiz to show they understood what they’ve read. The web-based program provides access to over 160,000 quizzes, enabling students to choose from a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books.

During the event, Renaissance Learning tracked national quizzes on its hosted database and shared progress online. Educators, parents, and interested community members were able to see progress toward the national goal at

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