Adam’s Kids Donations Increase

Adams KidsThe Children Worship program of Prairie Edge Christian Reformed Church have been collecting money and items to donate to Adam’s Kids since September.  The program covers children from age 3 through 3rd grade from Sept. to May.  The intent is to provide an age appropriate worship time for them.  Their “offering” this season has been for Adam’s Kids.

“We try to find a need that the children can identify with and participate in.  They all get that a Mom needs diapers and wipes and a whole bunch of other items to take care of a baby.  They are encouraged to “tithe” by bringing in their gift of money or in some cases their family goes shopping for diapers and they add those items to the gifts in their worship centers.  Most of the children can tell you the basics of Adam’s Kids.  They like knowing who they are helping,” said Rita Broekema who coordinates the program.

Besides the Prairie Edge church donation, the Fulton Methodist Church women’s group collected money to purchase diapers. This activity was coordinated by Julie Burke who delivered a car full of diapers and wipes to Adam’s Kids headquarters at the Eagles Nest in Schoolcraft, according to Brenda Bowers, the founder of Adam’s Kids.

Bowers was notified that the Lord of Life Lutheran Church ladies collected $150 plus dollars and some diapers to present to her for additional purchases.

In addition, two young girls in Vicksburg, decided to ask the children they invited to their birthday parties, to bring diapers for Adam’s Kids, instead of gifts for themselves. Bowers also reported a local couple recently asked their wedding guests to consider contributing to Adam’s Kids in lieu of gifts, she said.

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