Bring Makerspace to Your School

cate curtis
Cate Curtis shows her Makerspace project.

By Cate Curtis

Makerspace is awesome!  Makerspace is an after school program to let kids grades 2-5 play around with a bunch of different material and make designs. You can do everything from painting to tearing apart an old computer. A bunch of teachers come and help us such as: Mrs. Christiansen, Mr. Puckett, Mrs. Barton and our principal, Mrs. Hook.

I think that Makerspace is all about being able to brainstorm and create different things and not have to worry about grades.  Additionally, most children today are on electronic devices 5 of the 24 hours in a day and with Makerspace we look up from electronics to think, design, and build. Makerspace is the break we need to work with stuff that we probably would not be able to use at home. I personally am really busy and sometimes feel stressed out. I need to just have a little release time. Makerspace is that time. We recently received a 3D printer. Most of us have never been able to work with or use a 3D printer before. We are just now exploring our imagination; this printer is helping our brain get its time to play. Some creations that we have made recently with the 3D printer are: robots, scorpions, vases and 3D print.

In my opinion something really cool, is that Makerspace is a boys and girls club. So, you are able to either make new friends or use that time to bond with someone that you don’t get to hang out with very often.

In conclusion, Makerspace is an amazing after school program for boys and girls that has awesome teachers and builds creativity by working with our hands and minds. I hope that any teachers, principals or even parents that are reading this can take Makerspace into consideration at your school. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good luck!

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