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Kristina Powers Aubry was the MC for the 25th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Depot Museum on a rainy June afternoon.

Wind and rain almost washed out the anniversary celebration that Bonnie Holmes, Kristina Powers Aubry, Maggie Snyder, and Warren Lawrence had spent months preparing for. They chose to go ahead with a ceremony observing the 25th anniversary of acquiring Vicksburg’s train depot. And at the opening moment, the skies lifted and the rain stopped.

Warren Lawrence received an award for his perseverance in going after the railroad deities to strike a deal for the village to buy the rundown building for $1. It took ten years, lots of letters and phone calls, but finally the Canadian National railway said it was its policy to give municipalities first choice if it intended to abandon a property.

Maggie Snyder told how there was meaningful work to be done when the doors were opened on June 2, 1990. She and Holmes went right inside to figure out what to keep and what should be relegated to the dumpster. They were both honored with special awards.

Jim Bach was honored in absentia for the restoration work that his building and trades class provided. Mason Bishop’s miniature models that grace the interior of the Depot received praise. His wife Celene’s post card collection which they donated, was cited as a huge contribution to the archives.

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