Haskamp Wins $1000 from Vicksburg Hardware

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Steve Schimp hands Miriam Haskamp a $1,000 check she won from a drawing his store conducted from March through June. Steve’s wife Brenda pulled the winning ticket out of over 700 loyal customers that entered.

“We love Vicksburg,” Miriam Haskamp enthused, and now she loves Vicksburg ‘Do It Best’ Hardware store even more, since she was the winner of $1,000 drawing recently.

“It’s the best place to come for anything,” she said. “I plan to order new patio furniture from their catalog. I’ve usually purchased seeds and odds and ends here since I take care of the yard and the garden at our house. My husband makes furniture for fun as we are retired from a painting company we owned.”

The Haskamps moved to Vicksburg in 1986 and raised their four children here, often frequenting the local hardware store as they loved the service. “If Steve doesn’t have something he will order it for us and I’m willing to wait, rather than having to drive into the city for it,” she said.

Steve and Brenda Schimp, bought the hardware store from the Batek family in 1988. She does all the bookkeeping and he manages the store’s inventory and serves the customers. “We are appreciative for the support we get locally,” Schimp said as he watched Haskamp go through the catalog to place her order for lawn furniture. “We took a big hit when the mill closed. Business has rebounded and we are grateful to the community for shopping with us first and foremost,” he said.

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