Speed and Skill Helps Schoolcraft Soccer Team to First Big Win

By Sean Budlong

Schoolcraft boys’ soccer team earned their first ever victory in their first game of the season, beating Bloomingdale 1-0. Jason Feddema scored the goal on a cross from Austin Ladd.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our boys,” Head Coach Scott Fitzsimmons said. “They worked hard to earn this win and prove to themselves and others that they can compete at this level.”

While the Bloomingdale players were bigger and played a more physical game, the Eagles used their speed and skill to their advantage. The defense was stellar, limiting Bloomingdale to only 6 shots on net, and freshman goalie Brady Gillispie stopped every one. Ladd was joined by Alex Fitzsimmons, Kameron Snyder, and James Peters on defense.

“With Ladd at the helm, we limited Bloomingdale’s attacks,” Fitzsimmons said. “And that gave the offense the chances we needed.”

While the lone Feddema goal was the only scoring Schoolcraft needed for the win, the offense pressured Bloomingdale all night long. The Eagles put 15 shots on net, led by Ryan Winkel (4), Devin Matheny (2), Cody Ladd (2), and Cameron Faulk (2). The depth of the offense was shown in the speed and hustle of Carlos Andino late in the game, allowing a tired Schoolcraft team to control the ball against tremendous pressure by Bloomingdale.

“This game just gives us more confidence,” Feddema said. “It’s great to get the win, and playing our style successfully.”

“It makes it special to get the first win in our first game,” Ladd said. “It gives us more confidence to compete in every game.” As one of only two seniors on the roster, Ladd is both a great defenseman and emotional leader. As the teams lined up to restart play after Feddema’s goal, Ladd was shouting out to his teammates to “hustle, hustle, hustle.”

Schoolcraft takes on Three Rivers and Lawton on September 2 and 3.

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