Schoolcraft School Board Reviews Cost of Sewer Project

Rita Broekema, Schoolcraft’s finance director, received high compliments from the auditors.
Rita Broekema, Schoolcraft’s finance director, received high compliments from the auditors.

By Sue Moore

If the sewer project goes through for Schoolcraft, the school district would face a hefty cost to hook up. Alan Smaka, the Wightman & Associates presenter from the South County Sewer and Water Authority told the Schoolcraft School Board of the projected costs at its monthly meeting.

The estimated cost to hook up for all of the buildings would be $275,000, with a $14,000 fee annually he said. The hookup fee could be amortized over 40 years. Smaka said the earliest the district would be required to hook up would probably be 2018, so there is time to budget accordingly.

New Classroom Added in Elementary

Adding a third grade classroom to reduce class size was accomplished without a hitch, Principal Matt Weber reported. Trustee Jason Walther said he had received positive feedback on the move as he has a third grader who experienced the “moving party” that the kids enjoyed. He said his student asked if there was going to be a moving party for the kids that didn’t move, calling it a “staying put” party.

Middle School Students Plan Trip to Washington D.C.

Amy Lawrence, a history teacher at the Middle School asked for permission to take her eighth grade students to Washington D.C. on a field trip. The cost would be $530 per student, she said, with parents and students coordinating the fundraising to offset the costs.

Board members agreed that it would be a highly desirable experience, as Darby Fetzer said, “It’s a big deal to understand American history.” Ryan Ludlow remarked that, “We ask a lot of our community. How much fundraising are we talking about?” Rusty Stitt, superintendent, said it was a concern and questioned, “When is enough, enough?” Kathy Mastenbrook wondered if some private funding for a student could be obtained. In the end, the trip was authorized.

Strategic Plan Updated

The strategic planning process with school improvement goals has been submitted to the state, Stitt told the board. “It will serve as a road map and log of what we are doing districtwide.” He said it is a dynamic document with clear targets to reach at the end of the year.

The Early Childhood renovation of the media center was headed up by Amie Goldschmeding with the purchase of new, all movable furniture. “It’s a great new space with age appropriate furnishings,” she told the board.

Kristi Watson, of the Kalamazoo accounting firm of Yeo & Yeo, presented the preliminary audit report, lauding Rita Broekema for her help. “She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything is good with the final report expected for the November board meeting.”

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