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By Sue Moore

School Staff Set New Record for Giving

Vicksburg’s United Way campaign received a huge increase in donations from 121 Vicksburg Community Schools’ staff members. This is the first time in over 25 years that the District has had over 100 employees contribute to the United Way.

“Those 121 participants raised $14,023.60, a remarkable amount that will make a positive difference in the lives of many right here in Vicksburg,” according to campaign coordinator Tonya Nash.

Ninety-six of these contributors are in the United Way Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region drawing for the new car that will be announced Dec. 10.  “Sure would be nice to see a new vehicle roll through Vicksburg in a couple of weeks,” Nash told her staff members. Six names were drawn out of a hat to receive a free Super Book.  Those names are: Chris Kosiba at the high school, Anna Lacey from the middle school, Holly Ervin at Tobey, Lindsay Felts from Indian Lake, Betsy Breitenbach at Sunset Lake and Sarah Hoagg headquartered in the administration building.

“The community competition between Vicksburg and Gull Lake will continue to run through the end of December. Thank you all for making this campaign a wonderful success,” Nash said. It will be Happy Holidays for the recipients of United Way funding.

Crowdfunding Video on Display

Bill Adams, Vicksburg village president has been lauded for getting things done in the village since he took over three years ago. The most recent accomplishment was to get his grandson, who works at WWMT Channel 3 in Kalamazoo, to produce a video to illustrate what the crowdfunding effort the village has going. It would fund the purchase of property and build a trailhead where the current car wash facility is on Richardson Street. The video is pretty slick and cost was mostly gratis for a granddad who is very proud of his videographer.

Depot Museum Gets Second Face Lift

Kitch and Hugh Rinehart have taken a deep interest in the history of this area since moving from southern Ohio to live on Pickerel Lake some 10 years ago. She has single-handedly created the Vicksburg Quilt Trail. Hugh has helped with maintenance at the District Library. Together they saw a need to enhance the exterior of the Depot Museum on Richardson Street by pointing out to the Historical Society Board how downtrodden the front of the building looks. They pulled out the old log along the front entrance that had disintegrated, painted the antique sled runners bright red as they would have been in olden days. Then they convinced the Victorian Garden Club to foot the bill for two spruce trees to be planted beside the front entrance. The Garden Club donates a lot of time in taking care of the plantings around the many buildings in the Historic Village. Wendy French, the club president, has been watering the plant urns in front of the building all summer long.

The Vicksburg Foundation granted $17,200 for the first facelift which was to tuck-point brick that had become loose in critical sports on the outside of the building.

movie 1
Jack Kison, Sabrina Rourk, Charles Hummel II, Savannah VanSie, and Don Covell, Jr., have fun shooting a movie inside and outside the village garage.

Movie Making in the Village Garage

An out-of-town camera crew in November was busy shooting a video in the Village Garage that is a feature of the Historic Village that they hope to produce for audiences attending the Alamo Drafthouse on March 2. The director, Don Covell, described his script as a horror movie with actors he recruited from Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Marcellus. He has attended the Old Car Show for many years and thought the Village Garage would be a great backdrop for his movie.

Vision Campaign Update

The Vicksburg DDA’s initial fundraiser for the Vision Campaign featured lots of donated food from area restaurants for the 50 to 60 in attendance. The effort brought in $735 as part of the community division activities. The Vicksburg Nature Trailhead fundraising plans for next year include:

• Speak Easy:  Friday, Feb/March
• Vision Geocaching and Scavenger Hunt:  April
• Amazing Vision Race:  May
• Golf Outing:  June
• Recognition Wall Contest:  January

The Cultural Arts Center, also sponsored by the DDA, will have its second big event coming up on December 11. They will be presenting a Christmas Concert in the building at 200 S. Main Street in Vicksburg. The artists include a 20-30 minute program by BenJammin for kids; 15 minutes of harp music from Makena Seaver; three songs by vocal/soprano Kristin Gustavson; three carols on brass by Sam Gustavson; three songs in a duet by Bazydlo & Forsythe singing traditional carols.

Apple Knockers won the Chamber of Commerce’s scarecrow contest.

Rumor has it that Bobby’s has been sold to the owner of Studio Grill who has a location on W. Michigan Avenue in Kalamazoo. Jaspare’s Pizza is expanding into the former antiques building next to his current location on S. Main Street.


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