Blast from the Past!

blast from pastThe Many Faces of the “Vicksburg Hotel”

In the mid-1800’s, Hugh Finley turned his general store on the southeast corner of Main and Prairie into the Union Hotel, offering overnight accommodations and office space on the 2nd floor. Joseph McElvain bought the hotel in 1864 and replaced the frame structure with the large brick building in 1872. It was called the McElvain House Hotel.

McElvain eventually sold his beautiful hotel, but it continued to operate successfully under various owners for many years, being known as the Vicksburg Hotel. As the years passed, the hotel stopped renting rooms to overnight guests, preferring instead to rent to “permanent” boarders by the month. By the 1960’s the restaurant had ceased to operate, the barbershop was gone, and only the tavern portion of the original business continued to thrive.

In 1974 the building was purchased, with the support of the Vicksburg Foundation, for use as a Community Center. Refurbished with grants, gifts and much volunteer labor, renovations were completed in 1980.

Thanks to Maggie Snyder for her research and photos.

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