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Vicksburg Hires an Assistant Village Manager

mallery & ken
Captain Jim Mallery of the Kalamazoo Public Safety Department and Ken Schippers, Vicksburg village manager, asked for permission to make Mallery the assistant village manager.

By Sue Moore

Ken Schippers, Vicksburg’s village manager for the last two years, announced the appointment of Jim Mallery as part-time assistant village manager at last month’s council meeting. “I find myself caught up in so many different directions, that I wanted some help to minimize the burden just a little bit,” Schippers said in introducing Mallery who will become the liaison to the police department.

His role will be to incorporate 21st century policing in Vicksburg, Schippers said. Mallery will be charged with reviewing the contract with the negotiating unit as this agreement is up for review by the end of June. He will work on policies and procedures in the department, do an audit of the evidence room, and provide a written plan for training and expectations.

The council was informed that Mallery would work 15 hours a week, 60 hours a month with his contract spanning January to September. Total compensation will be $20,000. Bill Adams, president of the village Council said Mallery comes highly recommended by Kalamazoo’s chief of public safety, Jeff Hadley. “He’s not one of the best, he is the very best,” Adams said.

Mallery has 25 years of policing in Kalamazoo, with 15 years as senior staff of the public safety department. He currently serves as head of the operations division, the largest division in KPS. He served as interim chief when the city conducted its search for Hadley, who has given his blessing to this hiring.

Mallery will stay on in the Kalamazoo department.

In that department, “The emphasis in policing was on protection and enforcement,” Mallery said. “Now we are moving to a customer service model where we actively listen by going block by block, knocking on doors to better communicate. We received a national customer service award recently for this practice.”

Mallery and his wife, Stephanie, have lived in Vicksburg for 17 years. She is an instructional coach in the Vicksburg school system, where their three sons, Drew, Lucas, and Cole have all attended. For 10 years, Mallery has headed up the Athletic Boosters organization which has donated thousands of dollars to the Vicksburg athletic facilities. “I’m excited about helping to make a positive impact on a place we call home.”

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