Do You Have Concerns About Falling?

balance class
Aileen Greanya and Lynn Timko, are the Matter of Balance instructors for the upcoming spring session. Lynn is a retired chemist from Pfizer and Aileen is a retired teacher and reading specialist. Jean Shutes, seated, has been successful in taking the class by learning the exercises and practicing them every day, she says.

If so, there is a class that can help anyone learn the tenets of staying on your feet without falling. It is called Matter of Balance and is offered under the auspices of the South County Community Services (SCCS) in Vicksburg.

The class is meant for individuals or someone they care about, who has concerns about falling. Do these concerns keep people from enjoying life to the fullest? Are people physically active enough to keep their mind and body in shape? If so, Matter of Balance is an award-winning, evidence-based program that will help anyone manage concerns about falls, and help them improve balance and strength, says Danna Downing, executive director of SCCS.

Matter of Balance is led by two trained community volunteers passionate about helping people age well and enjoy life. With the help of instructors Aileen Greanya and Lynn Pruit-Timko, you will learn to view falls as controllable and make changes to reduce fall risks at home and out in the community. You will learn easy-to-do exercises to improve strength and balance. Class members will set goals for increasing activity. And, they will be a part of a group that will inspire and support anyone while improving their quality of life.

The instructors give tips on keeping one’s house safe from falls. This includes bannisters, throw rugs that can trip a person, and exercises for better balance. The classes have been popular and well attended in the past. “We learn from each other and have fun in the process,” says Greanya.

Matter of Balance is part of the Healthy Living Series provided by the Area Agency on Aging IIIA. Although donations are greatly appreciated there is no charge for the class. Classes are held twice a week for four weeks. The next session of Matter of Balance is scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays from May 3 – May 27. It will be held at the Vicksburg United Methodist Church. Call South County Community Services at 269-649-2901 to register. Pre-registration is necessary to assure adequate class materials and refreshments.

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