Public Meeting Held to Talk Building Consolidation

By Travis Smola

Hundreds of Schoolcraft parents filled out feedback sheets and talked directly with staff and administrators of the Schoolcraft school district to give their opinions on the elementary consolidation issue at a public meeting on March 29. Chief concerns in the crowd centered on costs, the educational value and class size.

“My big concern is that we are reacting too quickly,” said parent Jill Hunt. Like many other parents, she was also concerned about costs and what would be done with the early elementary building.

If the consolidation goes forward, many parents suggested the building be sold, used as a community center or as a senior day care or living center.

Trustee Skip Fox said the public and some of the newer staff are helping bring a fresh perspective and ideas to the issue. “We want the input from our stakeholders,” Fox said. “It’s important for us to hear that.”

Superintendent Rusty Stitt said they will look at the written feedback and are hoping to have some further discussion at the April board meeting.

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