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Budget Approval a Big Deal for Vicksburg Village Council

vill co car
Jim Mallery points to new stenciling on the police cruiser in Vicksburg. This change was the direct result of a community policing effort he launched upon becoming assistant village manager. Some residents felt the cars should have visible markings. The police chief thought so too. The rest of the fleet will also sport similar lettering in the next few weeks.

By Sue Moore

The budget for the village of Vicksburg was approved at the June council meeting with nary a whimper from council members who have struggled with balancing the budget in the past four years. Although not exactly rich, the finances seem to have stabilized according to Jenny McKillop, the village treasurer.

Total revenues were $6,610,800 and expenses totaled $5,612,200. In between is the story of several different buckets of money that the village receives from various grants and taxes including its billing for water and sewer services on the revenue side. These revenues have to stay in the various buckets to pay expenses, especially as they relate to water and sewer. The budget can be obtained by the public by request at the village hall.

Police Contract Announced

Jim Mallory, assistant village manager, announced that police contracts have been finalized with Chief Eric West signing a 12 month contract and the unionized department officers approving an 18-month contract. “There is no increase in base pay and less overtime compensation projected. There is a change to the step increases. The negotiations were relatively smooth, with positive outcomes for the village and the officers,” Mallory said. “We listened, they spoke, we answered,” chimed in Ken Schippers, village manager.

Angels Crossing Setting Records

Jeff Rohrstaff told the council that 2016 is turning out to be a good year for the golf course. “We are setting records. Opening the Creekside Grille is exciting.

“We are pleased with the way it is starting off,” said Bill Adams, president of the council.

Wi-Fi Availability Downtown

Trustee Colin Bailey reported that the wi-fi hot spots on Main and Prairie Streets for the car show were quite successful. There were 126 calls on 74 devices connected at one time.

Fire Department Discussed

Randy Smith, Brady Township supervisor, asked for time to refute what he deemed non-truths from the public comments made by Dennis Olson at the council meeting the first of June. Olson claimed there was a suppressed report by the consultant that was given to the South Kalamazoo Fire Authority board. Smith refuted this by saying there were 49 items in the report that needed to be addressed. The one item left for the Authority board to discuss was the job description for the fire chief. That has been reviewed, with plans to post it in August. “The current chief is invited to apply and we will pick the best candidate. The chief knows I have been supportive of him throughout this process,” Smith said.

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