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Meet the Schoolcraft Township Supervisor Candidates

tracy mc 2Tracy McMillan

I have lived in the township for over 35 years and have served the citizens of Schoolcraft Township through the Fire Department and EMS services for all of those years. I have been married to my amazing wife for 34 years. My two children have grown into very productive adults (blessed with a handsome grandson). One is a police officer, the other a paramedic.

“Being a part of the emergency services in Schoolcraft Township and the surrounding townships and villages has allowed me to be aware of the many issues the township faces. The township board must be receptive to the people it serves and jointly come to solutions that best serve all those involved. My goal is to ensure the taxpayers of Schoolcraft Township get honest township government. I pledge to be a voice for our residents and to serve in a professional positive manner, without personal agenda while striving to help our township thrive. I humbly ask you to support me and look forward to working on our exciting future.”

Don Ulsh, incumbent

I have been a resident of Schoolcraft Township for 49 years and have been active in township affairs since 1992. I guess you would call me a seasoned veteran.

“Schoolcraft Township is a very special place in Michigan. Did you know it is the only township that contains a village on two of its borders and a city on a third border? In addition it is one of the rare townships that has two railroads running through it. So why am I mentioning this. Because this is a place where radical changes in the way Schoolcraft Township operates affect not only the township, but also our South County neighbors. Thus it is important that we continue to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with those neighbors. Because you have a township board that is very conservative with your tax dollars, we have been able to fund necessary programs and services without going to our residents for additional funds. I am asking for your vote so we can maintain the steady path we are on without trying to reengineer the South County way of doing things. Thanks and I hope you agree with me that Schoolcraft Township does not need “fixing”.
Curtis Allen is also a candidate for Township Supervisor. He did not respond to the questionnaire.

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