Vicksburg District Student Count Grows

Beckie Miller and Tonya Nash at Vicksburg’s annual tailgate celebration that they put on each year for the community.

By Linda Lane

Vicksburg Community Schools is up 10 students from last year’s official enrollment at the October headcount for the State of Michigan. This is a big improvement from the projected loss of 16 students, Superintendent Charlie Glaes reported to the school board at the beginning of the October meeting.

It’s possible the count may even exceed this number, as the Pathways on-line classes for students must show a record of 30 days of log-ins by students in order to include those students in the District’s headcount. “We’re very excited about that, and it’s really great news for our school system,” Glaes said.

During the Community Education Department’s annual report, Tonya Nash gave kudos to Beckie Miller for her “back office efficiencies” which allow school events to “magically happen,” working hand-in-hand with Maintenance and Custodial Departments to record and coordinate events so facilities are clean, unlocked and ready to go.

“You’re only as good as the people around you and Becky is just really amazing,” Nash said.

“Tonya, I’ve got to thank you for all of your years of service to our district. When we come up with a new idea and we’re not sure where it fits, we often will give it to you. And you always get it done for us!” said Skip Knowles, board chair. Nash has been with VCS for 27 years.

Highlighting the successes at Sunset Lake Elementary School, Amie McCaw thanked the PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization). The group has evolved to include students and better tax ramifications, allowing beautification and a new audio system in the gym/cafeteria.

McCaw introduced the Vicksburg Police Department’s School Resource Officer, Henry Kite, who “goes above and beyond his call of duty,” McCaw said. When Sunset had a Mile Run Week, Kite went out on the track with all the students and ran the mile with them in his uniform and boots. “We love seeing him every day in the school. He’s been such a positive force for the kids,” McCaw said.

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