VUMC Launches Pickleball

Local pickleball players gather on the courts at VUMC.

Pickleball anyone? Yes, pickleball… Wait, what is pickleball, anyway? It’s one of the fastest upcoming sports for all ages, said Kathy Philips, a member of Vicksburg United Methodist Church who is just learning what the game is all about.

“It is a little like tennis but smaller, and a little like ping pong but bigger,” she said. “It is played with a whiffle ball and a paddle and played on a court with four people. I have to tell you it is great exercise. You know I have always said even picking up the ball to hit it back is good exercise. The attire is tennis shoes and some comfortable clothes.”

“The people on the pickleball court are the nicest people you want to meet. Most games average about 20 minutes. And you can play as many as you have energy for,” Phillips said.
Courts at Portage’s Ramona Park are filled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. where games are being played. Pickleball is also being played at Klines Resorts on Saturday morning. It’s also played indoors. The YMCA has indoor pickleball and in Vicksburg on Wednesday evenings, Ken Cron has opened up the Family Life Center in the church. He is often found showing first-time players how to play the game. If anyone is looking for some exercise this winter and wants to meet some really fun people, perhaps pickleball is the sport for you to try. The invitation is always open, Phillips said.

No matter if you have a great game, or a not such a great game, Phillips can guarantee that if you play the game you will have fun. All skill levels play together.

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