Vicksburg Bowling Making Improvements on Last Year

By Travis Smola

Vicksburg’s varsity bowling teams have become much more competitive this year in the first month of competition.

“We do have talent, it’s just getting it all together,” new head coach James Myers said after the team faced off in a tough match they ultimately lost against Hopkins at Airway Lanes.

The teams have only three seniors between them. On the girls’ team is last year first-team all-conference player Kylie Kalleward. Nicholas Richards and Bryce Reenders are the seniors for the boys. Reenders in particular put in a strong showing against Hopkins rolling six strikes in a row at one point in the second game played.

But in the end, neither team was able to match the depth and talent of Hopkins.
The teams have also already faced Paw Paw twice. The Bulldogs took the first match-up against the Redskins in Paw Paw, but then lost on their home lanes to them.

In motivating the team, Myers came up with some interesting motivational tools. Each team has a pin painted up in team colors that are taken to competitions. As the season progresses, stickers will be added to the pins documenting goals met and individual milestones achieved along the way.

For instance, sophomore Maryssa Wright had bowled a new high score the week before. The pin will soon have a sticker documenting the score and the date it happened.

It’s a unique little bit of extra motivation. Myers said his ultimate goals for the season are for the teams to have fun, be competitive and get better along the way.

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