Community Caroling Draws a Crowd in Schoolcraft

Photo by Stephanie Blentlinger of Lingering Memories Photography.

The organizers of Schoolcraft’s community Christmas caroling in Leo Burch Park had no idea how many would attend as they wanted an open and easy-going function. But nearly 40 people showed up to sing.

Darby Fetzer and Debbie Dehart had been detailed in their planning. Debbie talked to the village. Darby had caroling books printed. Bobbi Truesdell led the singing and Dehart’s daughter Jessica VanDyke even downloaded a phone app for pitch. Schoolcraft Community Library’s director, Faye VanRavenswaay, and her staff agreed to host everyone for hot chocolate and coffee, compliments of Biggby’s. A path was cleared in the snow between the road and the gazebo and lit with luminarias.

Tuesday, December 20th was the comfortable side of bitter. At 6:25 p.m. headlights began appearing as the first families drove into the library parking lot and, bundled up, made their way to the gazebo. Encircling the tree made of lights which stood in the center of the gazebo, people of all ages gathered to sing the songs of the Christmas season.

Out of concern for the cold, at 7 p.m. the event moved into the library. The singing continued until virtually all of the 36 listed songs were sung for another 30 minutes. Afterward, folks enjoyed fellowship over delicious Biggby specialty coffee and hot chocolate.

Some recalled Nancy Rafferty’s family and friends who caroled through Schoolcraft for many years running. Now as young parents, they expressed gratitude that their children could enjoy a similar experience. People left feeling warmed not only by the beverages, but by engaging in the spirit of the Christmas season with new friends in the community.

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