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Kalamazoo County Treasurer Mary Balkema and State Representative Dave Maturen stand in the food line to be served by the Boy Scouts of Troop 251 at their spaghetti dinner in 2016.

By Sue Moore

Carl Tackett and Dorothy Clark served on the Schoolcraft Village Council for many years until both passed away in 2016. The Council is getting ready to appoint two residents to take their seats on the podium. Five residents of the village have stepped up to be interviewed for the positions.

This newspaper will have gone to press before Monday night when the Council will make its decision. Council members will not have an easy time of it as all five have the capability to contribute to this governing body immediately. They are Kathy Mastenbrook, John Stabola, Joe Beck, Don Hunt and Kirk Bergland.

VCAC Sponsors a Presentation on Ukraine

Sponsoring a talk about the war in the Ukraine is a bit unusual for the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, but Syd Bastos recognized a good thing when she met it face to face, so to speak. John Kern and Jackie Koney, newcomers to Vicksburg a year or so ago, had spent four years in the Republic of Georgia and then another year in the Ukraine just as war broke out on the streets of Kiev. Since coming here, the couple has jumped into offerings at the Arts Center by attending many performances and contributing art work. John, as it turns out, is a chef of some repute as well, so Syd came up with an idea. Have John tell what it was like to witness a revolution and couple that with a dinner featuring Ukrainian food. On Saturday, February 11, he will showcase his photography taken on the streets during and after the shooting, along with telling the audience of their experiences. Tickets need to be purchased in advance at $40 each from the VCAC office. The event is being held at Angels Crossing Golf Clubhouse.

Revolutionary War of Our Own Making

None of us were around in 1776 when America’s own revolutionary war broke out, still we celebrate it with re-enactments and reading plenty of history books. Last year, re-enactors from the North West Territory Alliance, came to Vicksburg under the auspices of the Historical Society to show us how this history can come alive. It takes us back to the days that indelibly shaped the New World and left its imprint on our society even today.

The re-enactors will be back on June 24 and 25, camping on the Prudential Nursery property across the street from the Historic Village, thanks to Charlie and Cindy Krill. They have agreed to allow the re-enactors to do faux battle, pitch their tents as was customary in the 1770s, and live as civilians and the army did in 1776-83. The public will be invited to come watch the festivities and learn from the living history that will be offered.

Winter Activities to Get Us Out of the Doldrums

March activity kicks off on Saturday the 4th with a big day of activities in Vicksburg. For those who keep fit, a 5K race called the Chili Dash begins at 10:30 at the community pavilion. The Chamber of Commerce will offer its usual Chili Cookoff immediately following the race at the same venue. If you like spaghetti too, you can move right over to Vicksburg High School and enjoy Boy Scout Troop 251’s specialty spaghetti dinner, served from 5 to 7 p.m. It’s part of the enticement to attend the Rotary Club’s annual Showboat performance at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. If you also feel like kicking up your heels and want to dance, the Boosters’ Bounce Dance from 7:30 to midnight will round out your day. It’s at Indian Run Golf Clubhouse and benefits the Vicksburg Athletic Boosters organization.

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