Cake Bake is a Fundraiser for the Cub Scouts

By Sue Moore

Vicksburg’s Pack 251 cub scouts learn to work in the kitchen each year so they can proudly present their specialty cakes to be sold at their annual Cake Bake auction. This year it will be held on Friday, March 24, at the Scotts Community Center, beginning at 6:30 p.m. and lasting about an hour and a half. The public is invited to what is being billed as an “art show with exhibits you can eat.”

Jessica Hawkins, one of the committee members for the Cub pack, tells about her son Tyler’s first cake bake experience. “Tyler mixed the cake pretty much by himself, adding all the ingredients and claiming he followed the instructions. When we took the cake out of the oven we found out differently.  It was completely flat and very hard!  We had to make a store run for a cake mix and through making the second one we discovered that he used about a cup too much of oil.” This experience helped Tyler win last year. He was voted the best cake for his lemon jelly bean-filled cake.

The boys are allowed to have any family member helping them to make and decorate the cake. They willingly donate it to the sale and usually come home with their own cake or another one their parent bid on. Cub Scouts start at the age of six and go to 10 so every year they can progress from stirring, to cracking eggs, to putting the frosting on and getting handy with decorating, Hawkins said. This in turn helps to get the best price for each cake auctioned off. Last year the 33 donated cakes sold at an average of $40 each.

Funds from the event help to defray expenses to keep the organization going. They also provide scholarships for some boys who need financial help in order to become a member. Besides learning how to work in the kitchen, the scouts get a lesson in selling tickets to family and friends. The moms who are helping with organizing the cake bake include Valerie Tassell, Christy Trepanier, Janelle Weesner, Myriah Bombich and Jessica Hawkins.

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