New Schoolcraft Township Cemetery Rules

cemetery 2
Troy Pryor and his son Austin, survey the tree stumps they created in the Vicksburg cemetery while cutting down the four dead ash trees in the older part of the township cemetery.

New cemetery rules were enacted by the Schoolcraft Township Board of Trustees at its April 11 meeting. “Some people are going to be uneasy about it, but we felt that it is necessary to maintain the general appearance and beauty of the cemeteries,” Clerk Virginia Mongreig said.

The rules as adopted are:

• No tree or shrub shall be set or planted on any lot or grave without obtaining approval of the clerk.

• The sod or seeding on any grave shall not be dug up, removed or disturbed in a space not to exceed 12 x 24 inches in lieu of a marker. Plants and flowers may be set in a space 12 inches wide next to, in front of, and along the length of the monument. Receptacles for cut flowers or potted plants will be permitted in lieu of set plants. No rose bushes are to be planted in the cemetery.

• The use of plastics and poly-resin decorations is prohibited. No structures shall be permitted.

• The township has the right to remove and dispose of any and all growth, emblems, displays or containers which have become unsightly, a source of litter or a maintenance problem.

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