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Mending for the Community of Schoolcraft

mending 3
Anita Balganorth at her sewing machine repairing some blue jeans that were brought in to the mending marathon at Schoolcraft United Methodist Church.

By Sue Moore

Who has time to mend clothes these days when they spring a rip or tear? The Schoolcraft United Methodist Women’s group gave a nod for working families in such situations and held its second annual Mending Marathon the end of October.

They were willing to work on clothes that needed repair, to be hemmed or patched or had buttons that needed replacing for no charge. There were plenty of takers and some challenges, said Judy Oliphant, who worked at the event in the church’s activity room. Linda Greenhoe was the chair person.

“We asked what we could do for the community and this is what we came up with,” said Sheila Nichols. “The seamstresses were all volunteers and organized along the lines of hand sewing, sewing machine operators, and intake coordinator,” she pointed out.
It was all free but they did receive some donations for the church that will be used in the future for their children’s camp scholarships. They expect to be back at this much-needed sewing exercise next spring, according to Oliphant.

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