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By Sue Moore

This newspaper likes to publish stories about student achievements from Schoolcraft and Vicksburg. Linda Lane, one of our contributing writers, had an idea that we should follow up on earlier students who have gone out into the world and had some unique experiences or succeeded in interesting areas.

We are compiling a list of names that we have heard about and would invite our readers to let us know of other people to cover and their contact information. The goal would be to run a column entitled “Where Are They Now?” With your help, we could make this a delightful look at the graduates our parents, teachers and schools have produced over the years.

Linda may be reached via email or myself at with story ideas.

Upcoming Events

The Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce is re-inventing itself. It will sponsor the Chili Cook-off that was so popular as a release from the winter doldrums over the last 10 years. It will take place at the community pavilion for the second year in a row with a 5K race at 10 a.m. The chili will be ready for tasting at 11 a.m., according to chief organizer Mandy Miller.

The pavilion can be a mighty cold place on March 10 so the Chamber has invested in some big tarps to keep the wind coming across Sunset Lake down to a minimum. Last year, they were put up on the west side of the pavilion as that is the usual windy side. Instead, the wind shifted during the night and came in from the east all day, leaving people huddling beside the one very small heater that was available. They promise to enclose the whole pavilion this year and bring along several more heaters for whatever the weather brings on that Saturday.

Schoolcraft Historical Society to Meet at the Village Hall

Once a year the Historical Society moves its monthly meeting to the Schoolcraft Village Hall. Tom Lowry of Lowry Books in Three Rivers will be the speaker on Wednesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. This will likely take place before you read this item in the newspaper but Harriett Swartz, the grand dame of the Historical Society, would like readers to know that they present interesting speakers on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at 7:30 p.m., in the Underground Railroad house. The public is encouraged to attend.

The building is undergoing extensive renovation, thanks to a grant from the Vicksburg Foundation. Roof damage and plaster cracks are being fixed, window panes are being replaced and a general housekeeping is going forward. The Society has cleaned out the attic and is deciding which items to keep and hopefully display when the building can reopen.

Showboat Rehearsals

Tickets will be available at a new location this year for the Rotary Club Showboat. The Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center will handle this duty beginning the middle of February and will accept credit card sales for the first time. The Boy Scouts will once again offer their spaghetti dinner at the high school cafeteria before the performances and as an added attraction, they will serve a brunch on Sunday.

Big Island Quilts

Cynthia Prosser who used to have a quilting and fabric store on Grand Street in Schoolcraft and then moved it to her home has announced that she decided to close up permanently on January 29. She explained that it was just time to retire.

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